Mini Miss smiles through tears at crowning


Caeden Agnew, of Colusa, will wear the crown of the 2019 Colusa County Mini Miss until this time next year.

Agnew, 11, the daughter of Garrett and Emma Agnew, broke into happy tears as her name was called at the June 5 Mini Miss pageant, considered to be an unofficial opening of the annual Colusa County Fair.

Seven girls competed in the pageant, which focused on the theme “80 Years of American Flair at the Colusa County Fair.” Together they danced on stage with 2018 Mini Miss Allison Traynham to Kool & The Gang’s 1980s hit “Celebration.”

Agnew, who was judged largely on talent and personally, tap-danced into the hearts of the judges, which included singer Kaylee Starr.

“I’ve been dancing since I was three years old,” she said. “I’ve danced on Main Street USA at Disney Land three times, and I’ve even been invited to New York City to dance with my dance competition quartet.”

Each of the contestants was given an individual achievement award in the area of competition that they excelled in.

Lena Perez, 11, of Williams, was recognized for her talent; Bethany Wilson, 11, of Maxwell, was recognized for visual poise; Makenna Dunlap, 11, of Maxwell, was recognized for her communication skills; Haley Hampton, 11, of Williams, was recognized for her personal interview with the judges prior to the event; Ruby Herrera, 10, of Maxwell, was recognized for her talent; and Isaylee Davalos, 9, of Williams, was recognized for her communication skills.

Agnew, who received her individual achievement award for her personal interview with the judges, plans to attend the University of California Los Angeles to become a teacher like her mother. She enjoys dancing, reading, playing softball, and shopping.

Agnew received a crown, sash, gifts, and gift certificates worth hundreds of dollars for the win.

Second runner-up Ruby Herrera and first runner-up Makenna Dunlap, also received crowns, sashes and gifts valuing hundreds of dollars.

Herrera and Lena Perez tied for the Talent Award, given for the most points in the talent portion of the contest. Each earned a $75 donation from Omega Nu and Stardust Dance Company.

Haley Hampton was given the Friendship Award by the other contestants.

The pageant royalty began their duties immediately and were seen throughout the fair at various events. Agnew also danced with her Stardust Dance troupe at their special performance on Sunday. â– 

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