Local children try their hand at mutton bustin’


The Colusa County Fair’s Wild West Rodeo provided people in the grandstands heart stopping athletic feats with intervals of comedy on Saturday evening.

The Star Spangled Banner played while a rider galloped her horse around the perimeter of the arena holding an American flag.

Contestants of all ages, atop four-legged animals, held on for dear life as the gates swung open in multiple events, including bull riding.

Kayle Campbell, 5, was one of the 20 young locals to receive a red t-shirt for participating in the Mutton Bustin’ event.

Spectators held their collective breath for each small child who tumbled off their sheep, then sighed with relief when none were hurt. No doubt about it, these ewes were not the sleep-counting kind. They were fast and anxious. Although some of the children were a bit shaken by the intensity of the experience, many popped up with high-fives.

“Everybody had a good ride,” said Misty Crooks, secretary for the Wild West Buckers, who brought the rodeo to the grandstands.

Kicking up the pace, the barrel racing showcased nimble horses and their riders. Broc and bull riding gave the audience thrills. All of the excitement was alleviated after each set by the levity of comedy by Charlie Tootall.

“We’re hoping to come back next year, bigger and better,” Crooks said.■