Local pools open to cool off

Andy Carrajal, 12, makes a splash of the diving board at Arbuckle's community pool. (Jennifer Blue)


Location: 1100 D St.

Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 11 AM-5 PM; Sunday: 11 AM-4 PM; Closed Tuesday and Wednesday

Prices: Children $1; Adults $1.50.

Party rental cost, call the city at (530) 473-2955


Location: 933 Parkhill St.

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11:30-noon adult/senior swim; Noon-3:30 PM open swim; 4-6 PM family swim; Sunday closed

Prices: Per person $2; Family pass $250.

(530) 458-4941 ext. 108


Location: 5412 Maxwell Sites Rd.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 2-7 PM; Friday and Saturday are reserved for pool parties; Sunday closed

Prices: Per person $2; Pool party $150; Pool party $125 for Maxwell residents

(The pool is tentatively scheduled to be open today, June 19) Call Kyle at (530) 501-6588.


Location: 970  Wildwood Rd.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 1-4 PM and 5-6:30 PM; Friday 1-4 PM and 5-7 PM; Saturday 3-6 PM; Sunday closed

Prices: Ages 2-6 $1.50; Ages 7-16 $2; Adults $2.50; Non-Swimming $1; Pool Pass $50

Family pool pass $150 (more than four members add $25). Efforts have been made to encourage reading over the summer. Check with Parks and Recreation or the library for possible free swimming passes. Questions can be emailed to aprd.mgrimmer@gmail.com.