Sunday, July 25, 2021


Another chance to admire award-winning art

The Colusa County Fair is over for the year, but people are still buzzing about the talent that was presented in the Main Exhibit Building a couple weeks ago.

Pieces of art, adorned with first place ribbons, have been carefully hung by the Colusa County Arts Council in their showroom for anyone who missed seeing them at the fair.

Sharon Reische, member of the Arts Council, hosted a reception on Thursday for the winner. 

“This is an opportunity for first place winners to see their art displayed,” said Reische, who was keenly aware that not every ribbon winner was able to attend the fair.

Photography, paintings, sculptures, and drawings were admired while patrons enjoyed refreshments and conversations. 

Artists, including Mary Ann Nation, explained the process, mediums, and techniques that went into their work. 

Nation entered a painting of her view from a hotel while on vacation in Oregon, and a local covered bridge in a state park.

Painting at the site of the inspiration, Nation utilized a “plein air” style.

“I learned to paint fast from the ocean because of the changing weather,” Nation said about her paintings, which take her about three to four hours to complete. 

Thursday’s reception was the first for Mateo Torres, who had chosen to enter his photography from Yosemite into the Fair’s still image and won. 

“This was the first time I entered,” he said. “I always took pictures but never dedicated myself to it. Now I think I will,” and added, “This is great.”

As conversations started to lull, soft piano music was provided by Thomas Gentil. Although the reception is over, the art will be displayed through mid-July, according to Reische. â– 

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