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The Fourth starts with food and friends in Grimes

Early Thursday morning, the fire station in Grimes opened up to a hungry throng that hailed from all over Colusa County.

Every year on the Fourth of July, Grimes alternates between two traditions: a parade and a breakfast. This year, members the Sacramento River Firefighters Association were in the kitchen, cooking up a storm.

“It’s every other year, for 20 years,” said Ryan Grimmer, president of the association, “so that’s about 10 breakfasts (in total).”

A total of 287 people were served that morning for donation only, with proceeds dispersed for a variety of causes.

“We donate to the community, that’s just what we do,” said Grimmer, who mixed up Gin Fizzes and Bloody Marys at the bar.

The buffet contained all of the popular breakfast favorites. The bountiful spread included what Firefighter Marc Sumner said was 50 pounds of bacon, 50 pounds of sausage links, and 50 pounds of sausage patties, all donated.

Captain Todd Miller said two cases of pancake mix, three cases of hash browns, and four cases of eggs were also cooked.

From the kitchen, Miller said, “I like being back here because I get to stay put, and because I get to work with dad.”

Commissioner John Miller, who retired from firefighting, kept watch on the flapjacks while his son scrambled the eggs.

The breakfast was served buffet-style, where people served themselves before joining family and friends at long tables.

“(The breakfast) is low key and everybody gets to talk. That’s what it’s really for,” Grimmer said.

Grimmer’s daughter (Sumner’s goddaughter), Hazlie Grimmer, 1, loved the pancakes and her mother said, “she even ate the chorizo, even though it’s a little spicy.”

Arbuckle resident and former Supervisor Christy Scofield said she got to see many people she has not seen for many years.

Don Rauch said he forgot about the breakfast and cooked his own prior to realizing, but he came anyway to see friends and to take a plate home to eat later.

Lorna Thompson celebrated her sixth birthday with her family, and opened the coveted Shopkins toy car she received as a birthday gift at the table.

The crowd started to disperse around lunch time. At the end of the event, a table made by Martin Ramirez was raffled off.

Grimmer said they had a great turnout.

“People come home for the Fourth, and they just come here,” Grimmer said.

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