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Clausura brings summer school to a close

Summer school students in Williams put on a performance to mark their successful completion of the program. The “Clausura,” which means “closing ceremony” in Spanish, was held on Tuesday, July 16, an aptly named bilingual event.

Andres Esqueda, 12, created a piñata, one of many decorations adorning the Education Village multi-purpose room. He said he enjoyed the dancing, especially the footwork. Esqueda performed alongside his sister, Jackie Esqueda, 8. After the performance, the Esqueda children joined their parents for a meal prepared for the event. Chicken, rice, chips, salsa, and cupcakes were provided to the families. 

In addition to students who stay in Williams only a short time for their parents’ seasonal work, students behind on credits or struggling with their English learning development attended the summer school. 

Although this program is put on every year, this was Principal Veronica Solis’ first time leading the event. 

Solis was able to provide an extra advantage to the students in that she is a counselor at Williams High School during the school year. 

“When looking at credit recovery as a counselor, I already know what they need to do,” said Solis, “I can tell you what’s going to count for a-g college admission.”

Because the summer allowed 14 seniors, who were short on credits, to complete their requirements for their diploma, Williams High School can now boast a 100 percent graduation rate for the class of 2019. 

Solis said that was the most rewarding part and those seniors were very dedicated to completing thier high school education. 

“To watch that process unravel was priceless,” Solis said. 

Solis said that some of the high school seniors were already working, but came in from thier jobs to make sure they receive thier diplomas. ■

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