Thursday, July 29, 2021


Stagehands to celebrate 50 years in the limelight

The Stagehands thespians will hold a golden anniversary reception on Saturday, Aug. 10 at Veterans Memorial Park at 10th and Market streets, in Colusa. 

The troupe’s annual membership meeting and election of officers, which includes a light breakfast, will also serve as an opportunity to mark the occasion. 

“We’re hoping people will come,” said Devin Kelley, a board member who has been with Stagehands since her first play as a child. “They’ll tell stories, reminisce, and we hope to have some little skits done if people want to put them together.”

Kelley said she is putting together a timeline from 1969 and hopes that people with bring photos and memorabilia since many records were lost to a flood a few years ago.

Light finger foods will be brought in by board members for people to snack on while they mingle, Kelley said. Attendees are encouraged to bring breakfast type foods if they would like to share.

To add to the nostalgia, the board is hoping to play recordings from their previous musicals, which include “Annie Get Your Gun,” “Bye Bye Birdie,” “Sound of Music,” “Wizard of Oz,” and “My Fair Lady.”

Kelley said Stagehands is getting ready to announce their fall play, so the event may be a chance for people to get involved. 

“There are so many more things that you can do to be involved in Stagehands than actually being on stage,” she said. “There’s so much that happens behind the scenes. If somebody doesn’t really want to be in the spotlight we can definitely use them in multiple different places and areas, in costumes and sets and things.”

The reception is open to the public. 

“Everyone is welcome,” Kelley said. “It’s just a chance for everyone to come talk to us, see what we are about, and ask questions. (Stagehands) is just a lot of fun. There’s no pressure and everyone gets along so well and we all just want to see our local theater thrive and that’s why were there.”

For more behind the scenes information on Stagehands’ Aug. 10 event, check out the Pioneer Review’s July 26 podcast “The Backpage” at, as Lloyd, Hailey, and Kent sit down with Devin Kelley. ■

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