Monday, July 26, 2021


Kids get cooking chops at summer camp 

Families on top of the Colusa Family Resource Center’s programs were able to secure a limited spot for their children in this year’s themed camps.

Over the course of the summer, a series of five camps were held in Colusa. 

The Taste Buds Kids Cooking Camp was a favorite for the staff and one of the most popular with families. The waiting list was 40 names long, according to Carissa Bowers, Resource Center program manager, who has been with Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents and Children for six years. 

“I wish we could’ve opened it up to more children but we don’t have the space or the staff,” said Bowers. 

However, she said the Resource Center is working with the county library to continue the programming throughout the school year for ages five to 12.

Bowers said that her team brainstormed and generated 27 ideas for the summer-long camps, but whittled it down to a top five.

The cooking camp was centered around safety. The children were put in small, supervised groups so they could safely experiment in the kitchen. They learned about proper use of utensils, decorated their own wooden spoons, aprons, chef hats, and made recipe books. 

Some of the kid-friendly recipes were apple donuts, pizza, edible slime, and pancakes. Bowers said that the children enjoyed the process involved with making fresh bread.

There were also two junior chef cook-off challenges, featuring pizza and bruschetta. Bowers said that the children were in teams and given categories such as ‘most traditional’ and ‘most unique presentation.’

Ellie Humbert, 6, said she really enjoyed putting the chocolate and sprinkles on her donut shaped apple but her favorite was learning how to make pizza. 

“Every pizza needs bread and sauce; it won’t be complete without bread and sauce,” said Humbert, who added that the cheese was the best part. However, she was not a fan of pepperoni.

“It’s hot and it burns your tongue sometimes,” Humbert warned.

Bowers said that this is the Family Resource Center’s first year giving summer camps with the five to 12 age group, and will continue the opportunities into the school year.

“We usually focus on ages zero to five but we tried a different age group and it’s been successful,” she said. ■

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