Sunday, July 25, 2021


Artist highlights mountains, rivers, valleys

The Colusa County Arts Council held an art reception last week for Gabe Babcock. 

Babcock’s exhibit opened on Thursday but is still open for people to come and view until August 12.

The exhibit is named “Mountain – River – Valley” and is inspired by nature. 

“I hope to help people see a mountain, tree, or stone, not just look at it,” Babcock said.

Babcock utilizes multiple forms of mediums from sculptured earthenware, stone, wood, screen printing, and even short poems to introduce each piece under their title.

Each piece in the 5th Street gallery in Colusa is a part of a narrative but is also designed to stand alone. The exhibit is the result of Babcock’s observations of Colusa County. Materials for the art are representative of the area, incorporating black walnut for the tables and stones from the Sierra-Nevada mountains. Babcock said that he hoped that local materials would speak to local people.

One piece titled “Sum of All Things” is described by the artist as “One and one is one.” 

The piece consists of ceramics on long tables that situate cleanly in a corner. Many locals might recognize them to represent grafted trees in the row of orchards. 

Orange and black screen printed monarch butterfly banners on rice paper are for sale. 

“I am partnering with a non-profit in the area who promotes native pollinator habitat,” said Babcock. 

Another banner of a salmon is rooted in a Native American legend and Babcock hopes that it will raise funding for a non-profit organization that promotes clean, sustainable watersheds. 

“I want to create something that people can connect to, looking at nature aspects,” Babcock said. ■

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