Davison’s wall represents Colusa-inspired symbolism


Elements of Colusa have been reflected on the east side of Davison Drug & Stationary store in Colusa in the form of a mural.

Artist Katherine Rutter, of Ukiah, has done many murals. Rutter said her inspiration came while she researched Colusa’s history, weather patterns, talked with local people, and spent time in the wildlife refuge to create an ambiguous story for the wall.

“It’s not like a sequential narrative,” Rutter said. “There’s a lot of room for interpretation.”
While the story on the wall is inspired by many elements, Rutter said she doesn’t expect viewers to tie the symbolism together as they came to her. However, Rutter says she hopes that her work conveys a message of nurturing and finding beauty in the everyday.

The mural includes an image of a woman watering plants that was inspired by a local woman.

“She’s caring for all these plants and essentially giving them away; bringing beauty into all these people’s lives,” Rutter said. “I think that’s the best we can do, bringing beauty into each other’s lives, nurturing them in whatever form that works for us.”

Rutter is one of several artists coming to Colusa to share their talents. A temporary residency has given a quiet workspace for a couple of artists until their work is complete.
When one project is finished, another artist comes to their residency and a new project begins. The residency program is a new one, supported by local art enthusiasts. More art projects can be anticipated around town as the program gains momentum.

Rutter’s project had been started but she needed to take a temporary hiatus. Rutter said that she intends to return mid August to complete her work.