Arbuckle church will scoop up summer relief


The forecasted weather will be about 98 degrees on Sunday but there will be a delicious solution to beating the heat.

Arbuckle United Methodist Church will host their annual Ice Cream Social. The public is invited to come to the church on Pendleton Street at 6 PM on August 11.

Laura Kley has been involved with the church for almost 20 years and she said that the event has been going for at least that long, and probably longer.

Traditionally, members from the church pick a flavor or two, break out their ice cream makers, and create a fresh batch.

“I make rocky road,” said Kley. “Others make the traditional vanilla, maple nut, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, peach,” Kley recalls from previous years. “I was going to ask my sister to make cake batter. She made cake batter for her son’s birthday and it was so good.”

For those that don’t care for ice cream, church members will bake homemade cookies to be offered as well.

The event is free. There will be an opportunity drawing table with tickets for $1 or six tickets for $5. For 25 cents, there will also be a fishing booth game with prizes for the children.

“I like when I’m dishing up the ice cream; you get to talk to everyone that goes through the line,” said Kley, “You see people that you sometimes only see at that event, so it’s kind of nice to catch up with people.” ■