Office of Education welcomes back educators


Educators were amped for a new school year with help from Welcome Back Day on Thursday.

Over 230 employees were invited to the Education Village in Williams for a breakfast.
The new school year also means new staff. Colusa County Superintendent of Schools Mike West noted that it was unusual for there to be 13 new people.

“We have a lot of people that have been there years and years but a lot of new faces this year,” said West. “It was nice to see; it was a little more than normal.”

New employees recognized were David Bartlett, Sarah Cruz, Licia Dering, Jessica Galloway, Griselda Garcia, Shirley Kaholokula, Paul LeClaire, Michelle Lomax, Nichole Nacsa, Ashlee Povlsen, Katherine Povlsen, Danielle Sanchez, and Jordan Savage.

The Colusa County of Education also took the opportunity to recognize educators with milestones of years in service. Celebrating 35 years of service were Margie Elguez and Rhonda Sousa. Elguez happened to be an aide for Sousa many years ago.

Toni Kieley was recognized for 30 years of service; Ammy Arce was recognized for 25 years. For 20 years, Cynthia Cerney and Toni Rangel were recognized. Emily Abken and Keri Cunha were recognized for 15 years, and many more staff with 10 and 5 years of service were also recognized.

“We have pretty close to 230 to 250 different individuals over the course of the year,” West said. “From administration to children services to special education, First Five, educational services, maintenance operations technology, all the areas that we deal with in the county impact a tremendous amount of what goes on in the education part and an integral part of the Colusa County Office of Education.”

The multipurpose room was packed for the event. The atmosphere was casual as the colleagues welcomed one another and chatted excitedly about their summers and the upcoming year.

West said that this breakfast is the only time of the year that everybody is together in the same place.

“That’s one nice thing about it, too, it really helps people take a breath and jump in and go 100 miles per hour,” he added. ■