Aspiring musicians make a joyful noise


Trinity United Methodist Church hosted a children’s concert in the park on Thursday before “Book ‘em Dano!” came onstage in Colusa’s Veteran Memorial Park.

The Vacation Bible School children’s choir has been a staple for the church. Yet, due to a number of circumstances, the youth program was focused in a week-long music camp instead this year.

The group was open to kindergarten to sixth grade, opening up with 12 children. After a week of exposure of various music forms, nine Joyful Noise Music Singers were brave enough to perform for a live audience.

The young musicians introduced themselves and then sang, “Our God is So Great,” utilizing percussion, “The Magic Penny,” with hand movements, and “God Bless America,” repeated so that the audience could sing along.

“I wanted to expose them to as much as I could,” said Elizabeth Yerxa, their music instructor. “We used the rhythm instruments, the hand chimes, the singing, and lot of silly warmup songs.”

Rory McKee, 8, and his siblings were visiting his grandmother, Nancy Louden, so they were able to attend the camp. McKee said his favorite song was “Sarasponda” because he could just put in names in place of the name of Sarah.

Yerxa said that one of the benefits that the youths could learn is retainability for anything important that they learn in life. 

“Weather you’re memorizing the state capitols or scripture, it’s easier with a song” added Yerxa, “That’s my inspiration for doing this kind of thing.” ■