Maxwell Unified has three new teachers


Maxwell Unified School District added three new teachers to its staff for the 2019-20 school year, including a first-year teacher at the high school. 

Mickele Schmitt, fresh from graduating from California State University, Chico, it taking on ninth through 12th grade English as an intern. 

As the third English teacher for the district in three years, Schmitt said she’s committed to the task and hopes to be in Maxwell for the long haul. 

“I love that this is a small school and I love the area,” said Schmitt, a Bay Area native who went to a small private school. “I enjoy the rural agriculture. I think it’s very wholesome and I love that part of it.” 

Schmitt said high school is where a teacher can have the greatest impact on students at a time when they are making life-changing decisions. 

“I want to motivate my students – as much as teach them – as they prepare to navigate in the real world,” said Schmitt, who has ties to Maxwell.  

Schmitt loves writing and is excited that Maxwell High participates in the National Writing Program, which will help her give purpose to her passion as she passes those skills to her students. 

“It’s exactly what I want to teach them,” she said. “It teaches kids to have a voice in the world. It teaches them to find what they care about and then write about it.” 

Veteran teacher Delora Stephens, a longtime Arbuckle resident, has 19 years in education under her belt, and came to the district this year from Pierce Joint Unified School District. 

Stephens has taught junior high for three years and is happy to be teaching her Maxwell Junior High students history and science, her favorite subjects.  

“I enjoy that,” she said. “I also like making connections with children of this age.” 

Kristina Cinquini, who is starting her 13th year as an teacher, was born and raised in Chico, but recently relocated to Arbuckle. 

Cinquini came to Maxwell from the Oroville City Elementary School District and is looking forward to the great change. 

“I’m super excited to be a part of the Maxwell team,” Cinquini said. 

Cinquini taught several grades in school, including kindergarten-first grade combination, second, and sixth grades. 

She said she’s thrilled to be teaching Maxwell’s second graders this year. 

“They’re figuring out their strengths and weaknesses, and their own personalities,” she said. 

The 2019-20 school year gets underway in Maxwell today. ■

Susan Meeker is the Editor and Reporter for the Pioneer Review. She started her position with the Pioneer Review in January 2017 as the Advertising Manager. Susan specializes in local crime, government reporting. She also loves covering the various topics and events in our county. You can send her a message at