Local artist reveals talent


An artist from Williams took her art to the Colusa County Arts Council for a unveiling of her talent on Thursday.

Adele Lux’s paintings brought in a huge turnout from the community.

At one point in the evening, the showroom was crowded with approximately 70 people.

An unusually high number of sales was also reported, with 20 pieces of fine art sold at Lux’s premier and five requests of work were commissioned for the future.

The artist carries a bachelor’s degree in fine art from California State University, in Chico, but had kept her talent fairly under raps.

“I never used to paint because of the kids,” said Lux. “Now that they’re ready to start college soon, I started painting again.”

The variety of subjects that Lux painted is connected by a naturalistic style.

Lux said that she prefers to paint subjects with a reflective nature, but also paints images that make her happy. The exhibit’s theme is ”Nature and Simple Joys.”

Lux’s art is viewable Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 1 PM, or by appointment (530-458-2222) and will be on display to Sept. 12. ■