Thursday, June 17, 2021



Colusa High School welcomes new principal

The face of education administrators continues to change with a new principal to Colusa High School. 

Josh Mason from Orland comes to the school with an understanding of a similar lifestyle that residents of Colusa are familiar with. 

“I come from a background of farming,” said Mason. “I come from a family of farmers, so it’s all real familiar to me. I enjoy the small town atmospheres. You’re going to know more people throughout your life when you live in a small town, than you will living in a big city.”

Mason has been acclimating himself to Colusa. He said he has enjoyed going into local businesses and meeting people. Self-described as a family oriented man, Mason also said he enjoys reading anything – fiction to nonfiction – and loves autobiographies. Formally a coach, he enjoys football and playing golf.

This is his first job as a principal but Mason brings experience as an administrator and as a teacher. The students that were in Mason’s classes learned business skills that translate to real-world applications. 

“For students, my goal for them is to have a great experience of high school,” said Mason. “So that means obviously, academics, but then also to getting them interested in what career path they want to go to. You have four years to make a big impression on them and then you try to get them going in some type of direction, whether that’s college, a trade school, or military or whatever it may be.”

When applying to the Colusa Unified School District, Mason said he did his homework. 

“Very positive school culture here, school, great staff, and then the students actually are doing some pretty good things as far as academic achievement. Their state test scores are fairly competitive, their AP pass rates, very good.” 

Mason attributes Colusa’s high attendance to students who enjoy the teachers and the extra curricular activities offered by the school. He also is impressed with the friendliness of the students.

Not wanting to implement new changes, Mason plans to evaluate at the end of the school year. Mason said that he aims to go with what has been working so far since he doesn’t see any glaring problems that would require changes. He wants to continue the school’s high expectation of students. Meanwhile, he said he intends to support the staff the best he can to keep the bar high and to help the students onward to the next phase after high school. 

“The staff is very, very high performing; very good with students,” he added.■

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