Museum event makes history sweet


The Sacramento Valley Museum hosted their second Ice Cream Social on Saturday.

“People who knew each other enjoyed conversing” said Museum Trustee Resa Lyn, as she took pictures and shared history with visitors over dessert on the museum’s lawn. “Everybody seemed to have a good time.”

Lyn said Museum staff picked sundry items for a scavenger hunt. Some patrons searched by themselves; others took a guided tour. Some of the younger scavengers broke up into teams to see who could find everything first.

“We played for bragging rights,” said Tessa Edwards, 11, of Leesville, who was accompanied by her sister, Lilly Edwards. 

After finding everything on the list, the girls all decided to go back into the museum again. They all agreed that they wanted to fully look at and read up on the exhibits that they previously rushed through in the heat of competition for the scavenger hunt.

“There’s a lot of history to this town that I didn’t know of,” said Chantal Cruz, 12, who teamed up with her classmate, Julianna Haggard, also 12. 

“We have a history teacher that has told us a part of it, but looking around here and seeing everything, there’s so much more that we didn’t even know of.” ■