Pancake breakfast benefits students


The most important meal of the day also proved to be good for students of Lloyd G. Johnson Junior High School. 

The Parent’s Club served approximately 775 pancake breakfasts sold to early risers, making it a popular place early Saturday morning. Diners could drive through and pick up the meal or come into the school’s gym and sit down to chat over coffee or orange juice.

Amber Klugh from the Parent’s Club said that all the money goes back to the club.

“(The profits) pay for field trips, buses, school-wide assemblies, and things the teachers need,” said Klugh.

Parent Club President, Melissa Vanlaningham, said that the breakfast was the idea of the school’s principal, Blake Kitchen, and has been held for approximately 10 years. 

Officials from the school reached out to the Knights of Columbus who got volunteers up early into the cafeteria. Javier Sanchez, Jose Godinez, and Ed Ayla cooked the pancakes while Jose Beltran’s and Andrew Pina saw to the eggs. Meanwhile, the Grand Knight, Joe Lauwerijssen, oversaw the entire kitchen. 

“We supply the manpower and provide all the equipment,” said Beltran. “The only thing we ask for is the batter and the eggs – the rest of it we do.”

“After Christmas we’ll do a Taco Dinner,” said Klugh. “That’ll be on a Wednesday night. It’ll be a big event like this. It’ll be a drive-thru and inside (dining).” ■