Colusa man pleads guilty to shooting man in face


A Colusa man who shot another man in the face in 2018 pleaded guilty last week to crimes that will likely send him to state prison for a decade.

Manuel Valencia Estrada, 46, of Colusa, pled guilty to assault with a deadly weapon and two special allegations involving the use of a firearm in a plea deal offered by the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office.

Estrada, who has been in custody since Oct. 23, 2018, will be formally sentenced on Dec. 4. He is facing an aggregate term of 10 years, according to the plea agreement, in exchange for dismissal of an attempted murder charge that could have sent him away for the rest of his life.

Estrada, who was represented by a private Yuba City-based attorney, Geoffrey Wander, has been fighting the more serious charge since his arrest a year ago in the 3400 block of Highway 45, north of the City of Colusa.

Local law enforcement officials were made aware of the shooting about four days before Estrada’s arrest when the Rideout Emergency Room in Marysville called the Colusa Police Department on Oct. 19 to notify them that they were treating a possible shooting victim from Colusa, who had possibly been shot the night before.

Colusa Police officers began investigating and determined that the male victim initially lied about the incident when he claimed he was shot in the dark by an unknown assailant outside the Colusa Quick Serv.

When it was determined the shooting actually occurred on Highway 45, outside the city, the investigation was turned over the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department.

In the course of their investigation, the Sheriff’s Office was able to obtain statements from the victim, a 38-year-old, who suffered gunshot injuries to the face, and a witness before they located and arrested Estrada.

Officials said Estrada knew the victim and that the cause of the shooting was a domestic issue involving a woman. â– 

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