Its been over 20 years since a Williams High School homecoming parade has been an event in town for community members to enjoy.

Last Friday, the classes of 2020 through 2023 adorned the back of pick-up trucks with their creative floats to a carnival theme.

Several classes dressed up and tossed candy to their fans and the judges, as they walked the six-block route.

Citizens for a Better Williams endorsed the alumni float and was a crowd favorite.

Janis Dewitt (class of 1969), Gayle Arce (class of 1963), Merri Donnelly (Class of 1962), and Pat Ash (Class of 1967), all former Williams High School song leaders and cheerleaders, were driven by Ed Davis (Class of 1964).

Parade judges Dolores Pence, Patti Morris, and Maryah Stoots tallied up score sheets, and the class floats were placed as follows: juniors in first, seniors in second, freshman third, and sophomores fourth.

In addition to the class floats and alumni, the Williams High School band performed, and hotrods and classic cars carried the four senior queen candidates.

“After seeing homecoming last year, I knew we needed to put some new energy into the event,” said Ash, founder of Citizens for a Better Williams. “I went to the Williams School District board and informed them how homecomings used to be and asked if CBW could step in and help. We worked with the police department and school to come up with a solution to a safe route that wouldn’t tie up the downtown area.”

DJ Kent Boes and Williams High alumnus and City Councilman Sajit Singh served as masters of ceremonies in front of City Hall.

E Street was lined with students and members of the community, who turned out to watch the parade, which had Williams Fire Department and Police Department vehicles in the lead and at the rear as escorts. ■