The Pierce FFA got a chance to influence the next generation when they took Arbuckle Elementary School students under their wing during a trip to the Pierce High School Farm.

What originally was a trip to pick pumpkins on Wednesday morning, ended up being a multi-faceted learning experience.

FFA senior Noemi Martinez gave children tours around the nature that they have cultivated over the course of four years.

“I love it,” said Martinez. “The little kids are so into it, so we have to be that upbeat, making them happy, ask them questions.”

FFA is an intracurricular student organization with an emphasis in agriculture and leadership. Arbuckle FFA members have been cultivating fruits and vegetables in their garden and caring for livestock.

Children were given hands-on roping lessons, and given informational tours around the barn where a pig, lamb, and many pigmy goats are kept. The children also took a tour around the corn maze, and rounded out the day with their choice of pumpkins.

“It’s nice to see them happy just to see animals, and get excited over a little pig or (pigmy),” said Kayla Perez, one of the guides.

Paraeducator Clara Gesford looked after her elementary students as they played games and experienced aspects of farming.

She said it was fun for her to witness the older kids that she worked with interacting with her younger students.

“It’s good on both levels,” said Gesford. “It’s neat to see the older kids mentor the younger kids.” ■