Artists put their work on display in Williams


Local artists came to put their art on display for all to see on Saturday at the Williams Community Center’s Fall Art Festival. Some of the art was carved into rocks, while Cindy Plucker utilized iridescent materials to make an abstract swirl of colors, and images on canvas by Darlene (Hart) Coon were realistic depictions of self-love.

The art display originated seven months ago from artist and former Williams Mayor Don Barker.

Barker’s newfound passion for painting photographs of nature he has taken, has helped him find serenity. Barker is battling Parkinson’s Disease, and wields a paintbrush with trembling hands.

He discovered his art during the art classes held by ABC Painting Classes, offered at the Williams Community Center by artist Darlene Crites.

“Don thought that the community should get to see what the Community Center is doing,” said Crites, who has been teaching painting in Colusa County for four years. “He just felt like we should open it up to the town so people can walk in and see what we’re actually doing in there.”

According to Crites, after her price for the classes is met, the proceeds go to the art department at Williams High School.

Judy Busath, from the Williams Community Center Association, took Barker’s request for an exhibition and saw it to fruition.

Busath said that she hopes this first Fall Art Festival will become an annual event. ■