Sunday, February 28, 2021


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Adding the family for math success

At Arbuckle Elementary School, each grade level has a family night. The first was held on Oct. 23 for fourth graders and their teachers to delve into the fun of math. 

Families filled the school’s gymnasium where a short video, featuring their children answering the question of why math is important to them, was played. Each of the fourth grade teachers presented a game with the help of a few of their students. 

Kelli Garcia taught families how to play “Place Value War,” and Molly Conrado presented “Guess Your Number.” Martha Martinez demonstrated “Multiplication Top It,” then Jody Ehrke went over the rules of “Multiplication War.”

Before breaking off and playing in smaller groups, the entire fourth grade performed a song about math that they had been practicing all week, according to Martinez. Along with practice, the students have been learning the games so that they could teach them to their parents. 

“Every grade level has to do a family night,” said Martinez. “We chose to change ours to our math focus for family night, and we saw a huge success in students.”

The teachers of each grade level were able to come up with the theme for their family night. 

“This was our first (Family Night) of the year and I left it up to the teachers to decide what they wanted to do,” said Principal Summer Shadley. “They’ve done a great job.”

Martinez said that the fourth grade teachers collectively decided to keep the focus on math. 

“We saw that math is an area of need for the children,” said Martinez, adding the objective was to “make it more fun so that kids are learning without knowing that they are learning.” â– 

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