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Members of 4-H throughout Colusa County gathered on Saturday for their ninth “Make It and Take It Craft Expo” at the Colusa County Fairgrounds.

Festival Hall was decked with many tables featuring a different craft and a tutorial by the club members. 

Dawn Brown, organizer for the event, said that in order to present an exhibit at the fair, 4-H members are required to earn presentation credits. 

Brown added, “They have to have presentations and because these kids are sitting here for hours instructing other kids, they’re getting presentation credits.” 

For six hours, people of all ages came in and created things such as leather key chains, wooden snowmen, straw hat scarecrows, and a variety of creations. In addition to the 4-H members, the Colusa Boy Scouts were teaching how to create spinning tops from CDs, and the Master Gardeners provided a mini succulent to be planted and taken home. 

The Williams 4-H were behind the snack bar, raising money to help get the Williams branch started again. Meanwhile, they were making sure that crafters were refreshed with coffee, donuts, hot dogs, chips, and nachos. 

“We got a lot of new booths this year and a lot of new blood,” said Brown. “This is our ninth year so it helps to keep new people coming in with ideas.”

The event was not for profit. Crafts were all sold at-cost, according to 4-H volunteer Devin Kelley. Each craft was available at costs ranging from 50 cents to $10. ■