Reflections of Art


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The Colusa County Arts Council is opening their studio doors again to the public to freely view the exhibit “Reflections of Art” by artist Noël Etchepare Stubblefield. 

The exhibit will be on display through December but opening night on Thursday was one filled with an emotional depth much like the art that was presented. 

Two generations of artistic women were at the opening gala to support Etchepare Stubblefield, including her mother, BJ Etchepare, and her sisters. The artist travels the globe with her sister and traveling companion, Michele Etchepare. 

Shiela Etchepare, the artist’s sister-in-law, does not claim artistic talent, although she said she was opening up to the joy of painting. She said that art can speak from the heart. BJ Etchepare, a woman of few words, expresses herself through her artistic skill with needle, thread, and cloth.

“We don’t know we’re an artist until we try something; it’s a celebration,” Shiela Etchepare said. 

Sculptures and framed pieces filled the Colusa County Arts Council gallery. Etchepare Stubblefield started painting in 1995 with her first painting of her beloved Uncle Ken. 

She said from there, she wanted to get a little abstract and moved to oil painting. Then she began photography. 

“I do about two big trips a year with my lovely companion, my sister, whom I love with all my heart,” she said.

One of her favorite pieces is “Cuban Mama,” a photograph of an elderly woman wearing bright colors, coke-bottle glasses, and smoking a cigar. It is also a favorite among patrons, having sold what the artist approximates to be about 100 copies of various sizes. 

Officials for the Colusa County Arts Council said the opening night was a great success with many pieces sold to patrons that wanted to bring Etchepare Stubblefield’s work into their homes. About $2,000 was sold by the end of the opening night, of which the Council receives a portion. 

“She’s really an amazing artist,” said Robert Lewis, an art aficionado who attended the showcase. “She uses about every medium there is.” ■