Families in need receive Christmas toys

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Santa’s helpers were busy at the office of Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents and Children, in Colusa, on Friday.

Applicants who requested donated toys from the “CHiPs for Kids” toy drive, sponsored by the California Highway Patrol, lined up for a turn to peruse a variety of gifts for youngsters.

CHiPs for kids began in Los Angeles over 40 years ago and CHP Public Information Officer Franco Castillo said he always enjoys getting to see the impact the donations have on the children. “It is amazing to see their faces,” Franco said. “They are in a great mood with their families and with big eyeballs.”

To make it a success, CHP enlisted the help of other county agencies including CAPC, Colusa Family Resource, Family Action Centers, First 5, Children’s Services, and One Stop.
Agencies referred families with young children to fill out applications for the donated toys.
CAPC Program Manager Carissa Bowers said that the CHiPs for Kids was a huge success and that 170 children will each get two presents on Christmas.

“Basically, everyone who turned in an application before the deadline was able to get gifts because there was such a good donation response,” Bowers said.

Castillo said that when the donation barrel in the CHP office overflows with toys, that is when it begins to feel like Christmas to him. ■