Light parade makes Stonyford a winter wonderland


The community of Stonyford enjoyed festivities on Sunday night as they lined Market Street and watched seven floats light up the evening. The parade ended at the Grange where there were baked goods, warm cocoa for the children, and coffee for the adults to enjoy, while the pastor from Community Church, Daniel Reagan, led carols with his guitar.

Joette Borges and Mike Lauritzen won a box of homemade brownies and a certificate for their Grinch float.

The recently-formed Stonyrose Heritage Society has been shaking the sleepy town of Stonyford awake in the past year.

“Stonyrose has taken over every major holiday,” said the society’s founder, Jayare Sancinelli. “We want to provide the community with different events and different things to do.”

With the donations raised from a Fourth of July celebration and the Halloween Trunk or Treat, a free Thanksgiving dinner was possible. Over 54 residents attended the November feast of seven turkeys, with all the trimmings. With donations received at the dinner, a care package was put together for a deserving family to be delivered after the parade.
Over $300 was raised for the society’s efforts to beautify the town and for a food basket that was topped with toys, Sancinelli said. A member from the community not in the society was asked to choose an appropriate family in financial distress.

The town beautification has been noted particularly in the cemetery, where efforts were made to clean up the graves and place flowers. Plans for a steel sign for the cemetery and an entryway sign in downtown, which was reported stolen during the rodeo, are underway.

“The Stonyrose Heritage Society is very happy to be able to do for our little community,” Sancinelli said. “That’s the main reason why I created it, to give back and keep our town alive.”

Sancinelli said that the next holiday to receive attention from the society will be Easter, where children can look forward to an egg hunt once again. ■