Norman “Larry” Kessler (1945-2019)


Norman “Larry” Kessler was born May 1, 1945 in Arbuckle, California to Norman and Madeline Kessler. He passed away on December 1, 2019 in Woodland, CA.

A memorial for family and friends will be held at 10 AM on December 28, 2019 at Arbuckle Christian Fellowship Church at 702 Hall Street, Arbuckle, CA, followed by graveside, at 11:30 AM, Arbuckle Cemetery.

Larry made many friends over the years from his ability to drive truck and his love to drill oil wells, becoming a “hell of a directional driller” in the oilfields and offshore. He touched many lives as his girlfriends and family can attest to. He had a personality that was full of sarcasm but a soft heart. You had to know him in order to take his personality and the sarcasm, for some, well many, took offense. May he rest in peace and soar high with the angels and watch over us.

Larry was preceded in death by his parents, Norman and Madeline, and his sister Dolly.
He is survived by his companion and loving girlfriend Charlotte, with her daughters Shawna (Paul) and Heather and grandchildren, Lilian, Shawn, Melina, Zander and Ashton, his four daughters and grandchildren, Joyce, Tawnya, Norma and Teri and their children, Tim, Lindsey, Randell, Kayla, Victoria, Philip, Dillon, Shawnie, Cody and Carson, great grandchildren, Kali and Dani. He also leaves behind a host of nieces and nephews and countless friends who will miss him dearly.

“Thank you to everyone for supporting his family during this time. I pray we can all love this man for the person he was. Please take a moment and do something kind for someone today. Love, your girls.” ■

12/18/2019 • WPR #2019-1790

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