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What’s your plan? (01/09/2019)

Some final thoughts from 2018. Christmas is in the books and a New Year upon us! I should have been a gambling man and wagered that we would hear ‘only 36? days left until Christmas.’ I would have collected easily! I lost count of how many times I heard “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” and not because I ran out of fingers and toes. It is over played. Why don’t we hear more of the hymns? Unfortunately for me (Mr Grinch), the song will now live on in infamy at the expense of one so near and dear to me. There is no possible way for me to describe the look on her face nor the reaction I had when she connected the dots. “It’s Daddy? It’s Daddy! All these years I have been thinking Mommy’s been being mean to Daddy. Mommy’s kissing Daddy Claus!” It was priceless! And will ever be a tender mercy for me. I ponder what this says of our loving home.

Carolyn Cole was one of those at the pulpit for the Christmas Sacrament Service. We had a wonderful worship reflecting on Jesus Christ and Christmas; our own local ‘music and the spoken word.’ She had a suggestion for making the best of the season in three points. First, count your blessings. Second, ponder Jesus Christ! Third, create a holiday tradition. I feel that she just might be on to something. Twenty-five years ago, I was invited to participate in one family’s Christmas eve. Their tradition includes clam chowder. Many things have changed since then. Their children have grown and have children of their own. I have children and I certainly wasn’t thinking of them back then. I will forever state that I would have missed out on something extraordinary if I hadn’t had them. Somethings don’t change, clam chowder will be on the menu at my friend’s home and in addition there will be grandchildren in abundance. What an influence this family has been in my life and I am ever grateful for them! I added clam chowder to the Arens’ Family Christmas eve tradition in 2018. I am honored to say that I relied heavily on their family recipe.

2018 is behind us and the new year is only 9 days old! Again, it would have been to our advantage not to have any debt hanging over our heads this new year. We would be better off financially and emotionally. So, what is your plan for the coming year? Good ol’ New Year’s Resolutions are upon us! I think I belong to a select few who will tell you that goals are important and that we need to be achieving them. One of my goals this year is to get this group larger; be a member of those that live to grow and grow to live. Increase your peace and joy! I invite you to make 2019 the best year ever – MAKE A PLAN! 

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