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Life as I see it (01/09/2019)

In the last few weeks, I have lost three good friends.

First, my forever friend Gilbert Ramos left us. 

He fought long and hard to survive. All the while he continued to care for others, and he continued to live the life he wanted to live. He had strength and courage that was spurred on by the total love and support of the woman who loved him. God bless Gilbert, and God bless Christy for making his life so enjoyable.

My friend Wayne Hoblit lived a long, full life. He owned the Ford Dealership in Colusa, Ca. My dad never bought a car from anyone but Wayne. Later, when I moved back to California, I got to know Wayne again.  I found out that we had the connection of the Dakotas and Montana. He shared that he was born in Sioux Falls, SD and that he for a time lived in Glendive, Mt near our home here in Beach, ND. He was always interested in hearing about my trips to ND. 

Wayne was an all around good man.  I miss him. My thoughts are with his family and with his dear Bonnie.

This morning I learned that Wayne’s daughter and my friend; Bev Armocido had passed as well. It’s a sad time for those left behind. I knew Bev as a teenager. When I returned to Colusa County after so many years away, she never skipped a beat.  She welcomed me and treated me as if I had never left. I so appreciated the kindnesses of Bev and Dick. I loved how they teased each other but most of all how they cared for one another. Colusa and Bev’s friends and family have lost a treasurer for sure.

It’s hard to let go of people we love.  

It’s our final week in North Dakota for a while. We’ve been watching the weather predictions and have planned our trip back to  California accordingly. 

Looks like a plan, but we have the good sense to stop and wait it out if we need to wait. That’s the beauty of retirement. We can wait it out.

The week here is full of last minute packing and time with my babies; big and small. As much as we hate to leave, it’s time to check on our other life.

My friend Mark once told me that I have the best of both worlds living in California and visiting in North Dakota. He was right, but now it’s even better because we stay longer in both places.

Life is good today.

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