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What’s your plan? (01/16/2019)

I am not perfect! As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I strive to be a disciple of the Master. My goal is to follow the Savior’s exhortation to be as perfect as our Heavenly Father (Bible, Matthew 5:48). I would like to say that I am obsessed with perfection, at least in my thoughts if not in action. So, when there is an event in the Arens’ household that can be described as nearing perfection, it must be celebrated. We pulled off a surprise party for my oldest with a few of her friends. If you could image her surprise at the roar that welcomed her as she entered the room and her party. Her expressions were the gift of a lifetime. I don’t do crowds or noise; my home was now both. It only got louder and more rambunctious as the evening continued. I was still numb but stayed in the middle of things as much as possible. Things were right, but not all was!

This one hits too close to home. Each of us will cope with this senseless tragedy in our own way. We’ve lost Natalie. Parents have lost a daughter, siblings a sister, and the family a member. Arbuckle and Pierce, a light, as well as the Davis Police Department, a rising star. Two things are comforting me. I am in awe at ‘we’ in this loss. The Corona Family has community standing tall behind them in defiance of hate. Community, I’ll define, as those that have risen to the occasion to show an outpouring of LOVE. This is no small community! It has broken the confines of a geographic area to cover an immense space and include countless individuals. I find solace in what this says. Second, Natalie’s father teaches a beautiful message. He states that God has a plan. Although we might not understand this loss or the trust in those things not seen, their faith in HIM is incredible strength.

May I add my testimony that our Heavenly Father does have a plan. You and I are essential to it and family is central! Because of Jesus Christ, ALL things will be made up to us. Natalie will be reunited with family and we will comprehend. I did not know you Natalie. Yours was a life taken all too soon. What I have gathered, you were on your way to perfection and most certainly an example. We are better because of you. The light that you left with those you encountered speaks to this and I will say that you will never be forgotten. Your family is in our prayers and we will continue to surround them with LOVE until you meet again. It will be right. All will be perfect.. ■

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