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Life: as I see it (01/23/2019)

It’s a long drive from North Dakota to California. It’s an especially long drive when you take the route through Southern California.

I proved to myself that I can drive in big cities, fast traffic and traffic hang-ups just as if I did it everyday.

Some of the biggest challenges came in getting out of Salt Lake City and getting into Las Vegas in a heavy rain storm.

Ironically getting out of the Los Angeles area was a snap compared to the nightmare of switching from the 99 to I-5 in Sacramento.

By the time we hit that though, I was sure I could do most anything. We were homeward bound and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

Typically we’d come through Reno, to Truckee and home, which is an easy drive for me to do. We hadn’t counted on the ton of snow in the Sierras though.

But here we are, back on our hilltop in Nice, CA. It’s been raining like a banshee and we can’t really see the lake. The good news in the weather prediction is clear for the next few days.

We are unpacking, resettling getting back into our California routines.

I already miss my Beach friends, my babies; big and small and our cozy little house in Beach.

I know they are all in good hands because they all look out for one another, and they all take care of our house until we get back.

I’m anxious to see my California friends and family now.

The day we left Beach we missed out on attending the 140th birthday of our friends Tim and Tom. Yes, they are twins; both having reached 70. Thus, the 140th birthday. They were good friends and I wish that we could have attended. 

When I saw the party photos, I saw that old friends Kent Olson and Jerry Houle were there to play their music. 

I was really sorry to have missed that. Kent and Jerry used to have “The Beaver Creek Band” to which we have all danced many a dance. We all have good memories of these two men. Neither one of them ever turned me down when I needed help with music productions. They even came to my aid in the 1980’s when the tuxedo rental place screwed up my foster son’s tux order. They outfitted him with a tux from the band. 

I just want to say thanks to both of these guys for always being such good friends.

I know the city of Beach has to be very thankful for the way the both of them went the extra mile to help where needed.

For now, I’m happy to be back in California. However, I still look forward to returning to North Dakota. It’s great to have the best of both worlds.

Life if good today.

— Contact Kathy Craigo-Harteis at or PO Box 406, Nice Ca 95454.

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