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What’s your plan? (02/06/2019)

If you follow my column, this won’t be the first time that I have mentioned music. Probably not the last. We have seen some growth of the band as the Girls are, from time to time, making somewhat of a joyful noise together. We, their parents, don’t play and so I admit that their talent wasn’t handed down unless you call forcing them our contribution. The piano that my Mother practiced on in her younger years is the same that the Girls practice with now. It is interesting to note that she implemented the same parenting skills on both my sister and me. My sister honed skills on the piano and the clarinet. I successfully put the piano, guitar, and trombone in the rearview mirror. There is music in our home but what made the difference was music in the classroom. For Pierce JUSD, that would be Ron Rector. One man’s love for and desire to put music into the hearts and souls of his students is remarkable. I live with three examples of it!

What’s my radio dial set at? FM KSEG 96.9 ‘the Eagle’ of course. ‘Dial,’ oh that dates me! My station has one preset and the Girls have acquired the rest. I’d have to go back to my Dad’s farm equipment to find a radio with knobs and I can’t remember the last time he purchased anything new. 

I listen to rock-n-roll because there was a time that I rebelled against my Dad’s music. It wasn’t until my college days that I was listening to country again. I can’t argue that it was peer pressure, but I was one of many ‘Mustangs’ at Cal Poly SLO. I think that it was Monday nights at the Graduate dancing Western Swing.

Country music isn’t out of the ordinary for me. My music library consists of mainly those country singers of the 80’s. They say that their influencers are those that many considered country’s roots. I enjoy listening to them too. Yes, I am back listening to my Dad’s music. Not many country stations cater to me. In fact, I hear ‘new’ country on today’s stations way too often. I was pleasantly surprised to hear, “For the First Time” by Darius Rucker. What caught my attention was the phrase, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” See where this is going?

Mindset is the established set of attitudes, assumptions, methods, notations, and like that we as individuals hold. There is a whole lot to work with here and therefore, what is the plan? Today, I am venturing to put forth that it is what makes us tick. There are some that are content with the status quo and others that achieve awesome things. For all of us, if we got out of our comfort zone and did something new, we would take a step toward growth. All things are possible! Do something for the first time this week and experience what a positive mindset does for you.

Interesting bit of trivia, Darius Rucker is the front man for the Rock band, “Hootie & the Blowfish.” They formed in 1986. I think that the 80’s have my number. Happy Birthday Youngest One; you are now all teenagers! Always, thanks for reading! Leave comments at ■

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