Life, as I see it : With age comes mistakes and wisdom


If you read last week’s column you may have felt like you read it before. That’s because you had. In sending the text I inadvertently sent the column from a year ago on the same date. As it was at that time we had just lost my beloved Uncle JR and the column was about him. Now on the anniversary of his death, it ran again. I find that somehow appropriate that he was remembered again. God thing?

I don’t much like watching the news these days, but every now and again I see it by accident. It may sound hypocritical coming from an old newspaper reporter, but times have changed.

This week, when I accidentally watched the news, I saw a story about how some stores are implementing driverless vehicles to deliver products to their customers.

I guess that’s all well and good, but I wondered (as did the news reporters) where that will leave the hundreds of thousands of people who make their livings driving delivery vehicles.

It just seems wrong. 

During our stay in Beach ND, we had almost daily deliveries from the UPS driver, Todd. You see how I know our driver’s name? The interactions were always good natured, and it was nice to see a real person instead of a driverless car. As it came closer to Christmas, I had a couple of plates of cookies/candy ready for Todd. 

The point of all this is that we have become so reliant of machines, and finding ways to extract human contact from our daily lives it just seems like a cold world.

Even if it were available to me here in Nice, Ca, or in Beach ND, I doubt I’d use the service of a driverless car delivery.

Today I tried to call a credit card company to get my balance so that I could pay it off. Instead of taking me to the information I got a long dissertation on what I might be qualified to receive. Not to mention I got these offers because I’m old. I never did get the information I needed, so I sent a few bucks in hopes that they would someday let me know what I owe. This to me is very disturbing.

If I was trying to avoid them and not pay, they’d be right on me. As it is, today’s new automation just takes us in circles. 

I know I’m sounding old and crabby as I write today. Sometimes, you just keep running into brick walls. Sometimes you just have to find a sledge hammer, I guess.

Today as I write, it is my sister Ann’s birthday. It amazes me that we are both now in our 70th decade. It seems like just yesterday that we were playing at our grandparents’ farm with our beloved cousins Tom and Tony. The boys are gone now, but Ann and I remain.

We have memories in our hearts to last a lifetime.

My niece recently posted a question on social media. “My mom made the best . .” was the question.

Both my sister and I said veggie soup and cornbread for our mom. I thought about this though and there were far more things we could have listed.

She made a lot of “pots” of things. She said her reasoning for that was the number teenagers she had to feed. Oh, they weren’t all her kids, they were the ones Ann and I invited home.

She said she made pots of soups, chili, stews and the like so that she could feed them all and never have to say no to any of them.

What our mom made best was not necessarily the food, it was the attitude and the giving nature. 

Both Ann and I have followed in her footsteps. We have fed an abundance of kids over the years. 

Not too long ago I heard from one of those kids, now a mom and a wife herself. She said she learned her love of baking from me and she said she survived on my amazing cooking. She also said she remembers being a permanent guest as my table whether I liked it or not. I liked it. 

Life is good today.

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