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What’s your plan? (02/27/2019)

I didn’t think much good could come out of Babylon. Those of us that have some of our beliefs mirroring those of the Judeo-Christian tradition place a dim view on the place. When you get beat up, hauled off, and your identity and authority usurped it just might leave a bad taste in your mouth. Babylon is just plain evil. It is the synonym for all that is dark, bad, and worldly. Until George S. Clason takes it and puts on his spin.

He was before my time. George Samuel Clason was born in 1874 in Louisiana, Missouri and died in 1957 in Napa. Think about the era he lived and the things he experienced! It influenced him. He attended the University of Nebraska (wonder what it cost). He saw his share of ups and downs; especially in the economy. He is a veteran, serving in the US Army during the Spanish-American War. He started two businesses; a map and a publishing. He can be credited as the first to publish a road atlas of the US and Canada. Clason Map Company went bust in the Great Depression. It is said that he coined the phrase, “Pay yourself first.”

“The Richest Man in Babylon – The Success Secrets of the Ancients” is a collection of pamphlets that Clason produced on the topic of money management and achieving financial success which were later bound together and published in 1926. There is wisdom in learning from someone else. This book is a quick read (my copy is less than 100 pages), kept my interest, and was enjoyable as well as thought provoking. The information revealed is in parables set in ancient Babylon. It discloses how one can achieve wealth without risk by merely tweaking thoughts and actions in their daily dealings with the money they earn. The book echoes my soapbox stand that we must live within our means and stop spending our paychecks as well as the money we don’t have. The proof is in the doing! 

So, what is the good from Babylon? Mostly this book! It spells out a plan to personal wealth. It is simple, yet doable. Why aren’t more people wealthy? Because they don’t have a plan! Too many of us never pay ourselves first. The secret is in how one thinks about the ‘part of all you earn’; the teaching of the book. Clason’s information is timeless. My challenge this week is to go to the library and check out the book. They’ll most likely will have to get it on loan.

Back to what is my time! I am excited to see Freddy Mercury making his way into the fanfare again and in a good way. He was the front man for the rock group ‘Queen.’ He had a gift for the musical; also very capable of carrying a tune over four octaves. He’s left an impression on me. I thank you for reading ‘What’s Your Plan?’ Please leave comments at ■

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