Life, as I see it: Good times


It’s been a long full week, but the highlight of it all was times with friends.

Early in the week about 16 of us got together to celebrate the birthday of our schoolmate Charlie and to say farewell to our friend Carol who will move out of state soon.

It never ceases to amaze me that we can all still come together 50 plus years later and have plenty to talk about. The topics are different than they were when we were teens, but the time together is the same. 

The jokes and the do you remember when are all still there and a part of our visit. 

I looked around the table the other day at these people so dear to me and I felt blessed for sure.

Who knew when we were 17 that we’d be celebrating 70 something birthdays together?

Part of it, of course, is that we all attended such a small school (small in the ’60s) and we all knew each other then; we were family and it lasted.

We all went to Pierce Joint Union in Arbuckle California. Our mascot was a Bear. I served one term as the mascot. I wore a giant paper-mâché bear head and a short little blue skirt and top. Those days are gone forever, but back in the day, I pulled it off pretty well.

With the exception of a few spouses at the table, Charlie commented that it was a table full of old bears.  

Again; I’m blessed with these old bears in my life.

Later in the week, Tom and I met our friend Carolan for lunch. It had been far too long between visits so we made the best of it.

Back when I lived in Colusa County I had a circle of friends who became to me like family. Now, we’ve all gone our separate ways so the visits are fewer.  

I saw a post this week that read; “It takes a long time to grow an old friend. Make sure to treasure them!” 

That is so true.

This is the week I have my first cataract surgery.  As it is now, I’ve developed what they call “a floater” in the eye that will be the first surgery. A floater appears as a little shadow/spider web that flits around in your eyeball.  It is pretty annoying, and sometimes you think you see an insect flying past. I’ve even found myself swatting it away.

They tell me this too will pass and that they usually just go away with time.

On Friday we went to an estate sale over in Keysville. We found a couple of small items, but being there brought back to me the memories of selling my parents belongings and their home. It’s not an easy thing to do. Pool together the hard labor and the emotional strain and it is pretty overwhelming at times. 

Our plan is to start weeding out things we don’t want right now. I don’t want my kids to have to muddle through all of this.  

I’m optimistic we can do it, but it will take time.

Life is good today. 

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