Thursday, July 29, 2021


Life, as I see it :  Friends remembered

Two longtime friends of mine and many others in Beach, North Dakota left us this week.

Now at peace and taking a long deserved rest are Verona Lechler and Bernie Schillo. 

Both of these people have a special place in my heart.

Bernie was always there to help me with music and always had a kind word, a greeting hug and a great big smile. I’ll miss that smile, and I will miss his sweet spirit. 

Verona was quite the woman. She was fun to be around. She always seemed to have a smile and time to visit. 

Back in the day, she tried to keep us healthy by offering exercise classes. We went, followed her directions, and then stopped for pie on the way home. Bless her heart; she did her best. I’m sure there is a long line of folks that will miss her.

We are sending blessings to the Lechler and Schillo families. 

The first cataract removal surgery went well this week. I’m already seeing better out of the right eye.  I now feel relaxed and confident about getting the left eye done in a couple of weeks. My doctor tells me that’s usually the case. Once you have one done, you don’t worry about the second surgery. 

It’s day three after surgery now, and it seems better each day. I’m still a little light sensitive so I’m still wearing my shades even indoors. I’m sure folks just think I’m cool.

It is true what they say about colors being brighter after the surgery. I like that.

There was localized flooding again last week in Colusa and Butte Counties. I was heading to Butte County for my surgery and had to go through a bit of Colusa County to get there.  As it was I had a clear drive the day we went to Chico though and avoided any of the hassle of flood waters.

This is becoming the norm around California it seems.  Rain, flood, mudslides and back at it again.

Of course other states are being besieged with minus, minus temperatures and piles of snow. 

It might sound crazy to some, but I’d rather deal with snow than rain. There’s something clean and fresh about snow. When the rains come and stay this long it’s just dreary.

This was a week of remembrance as well. Feb 27 was my parents’ wedding anniversary. March 1 was my dad’s and my uncle’s birthdays. All three have gone on now, but I like to think they are together and celebrating. We sure miss them.

We all learned a lot from these people. We heard a number of kind things said about my parents and my uncle this week. I hope that I will be remembered as well as they are.

Life is good today.

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