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What’s your plan? (03/27/2019)

    I have fond memories of my college days.  I found the perfect place to attend for a Pierce Grad.  Far enough away that I didn’t think of coming home for the weekend and yet, it was close enough if I needed to.  My Dad’s one comment that day when they dropped me off, “You haven’t seen the place?”  No, I hadn’t.  College wasn’t one of those things that was on my mind.  I had a job and it provided nicely for what I needed.  Mom had sent out all my college admissions paperwork (I have the BEST Mom) and this was one of the universities that I was accepted to.  It didn’t take too much time to find my dorm because back in those days’ males had the ability to hunt places down without asking for directions; there were two capable one’s in the car.  No, no internet yet!  I did have the know-how at that time to connect a terminal to a mainframe with a modem and telephone handset.  Those were the days!

          Cal Poly San Luis Obispo treated me well!  It was the perfect place for me to get acclimated to the world.  My professors were, for the most part, fairly grounded.  I was enrolled in the Agricultural Department and when I did have to venture out into one of the colleges for a support class and sit at the feet of a wing-nut instructor I was able to get my wits about me soon after returning to familiar ground.  I was comfortable in a health class in a room that had twice as many students as the whole of Pierce my senior year.  I never felt small and that was a big thing for this country boy.  I look forward to returning in a few weeks for a reunion of sorts.

          Some things are different today.  I take out my phone and Google ‘personal finance tips and tricks.’  I now have access to hundreds and thousands of results on the topic.  The one’s that we need to be aware of are from at new set of wing-nuts purporting to be experts.  I did find information on the site that interests me and feel it relevant.  Here is their list of personal finance tips for the long-term:

1) Assess Your Net Worth

2) Develop a Workable Household Budget

3) Save For Your Retirement

4) Set up an Emergency Fund

5) Cultivate a Debt-Free Lifestyle

6) Create a Healthcare Contingency Plan

7) Keep Track of All Accounts, Debts, and Bills

8) Buy a Life Insurance Policy

9) Make Your Final Arrangements

10) Protect Your Heirs’ Inheritance

 If you follow the column, most of the above will look familiar as they have been topics in the past.  Do you use Quicken software?  This list touts its ‘bells and whistles.’  Numbers 6 and 9 we can discuss in the future.  My challenge to you this week is an echo from the past.  Go hug someone!  They probably need it and you will be better for it!  It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be in the form of a phone call to someone you haven’t heard from in a while.  Let them know that you are thinking of them.  No texting or social media!  Thank you for reading the column.  Please leave comments and questions at ■

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