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What’s your plan? (04/10/2019)

 I should probably keep to myself that my worst delusion is hoping that nothing ever changes. Yesterday the Girls were a prefect three-step stair; the youngest at the bottom creating a perfect pitch line to the oldest. They will have children of their own someday and I will likely still view them in my minds eye in order of progression as youngest to oldest; shortest to tallest. This is starting to flaw. Oldest has achieved her grandmother’s and maternal grandmother’s height. If a smile just crept on your face, then you agree that this is nothing but a compliment. Middle child has made it her life’s ambition to look down at me. I get a kick out of her walking by, nose up trying to squeeze every inch out of her frame. She could top me with heels, but I’m not ready to go bare foot just yet. Youngest one is whom I will most likely be looking up at. Maybe this pitch is picture-perfect. Just in the reverse order.

 Change is unavoidable. It is inevitable that I will not go down without a fight! The oldest will graduate high school this year. Subtle hints have been adding up. Most notably is that she has moved up a grade level for each of the last eleven years. And then the letter last week. Pierce HS has asked that I review the Attendance Requirement, Academic Requirement, Skipping School, Senior Pranks, and State Testing Week with my senior student and then sign and return the Signature Page. They will never know what they have lost! If she manages to jump through the loops that I just mentioned; she just might graduate! Attendance, grades, senior skip, and pranks are areas that she and I have a mutual understanding and I am grateful that she has fashioned for herself sufficient wiggle room.

 As she has given of her time to accomplish this, she has also had to forego other opportunities. I wish the best for her and for all of you! There are abundant good things in life to do and they tend to compete at times. When this is the case, I look to see what is the better of these good experiences. The goal is to plan a balance in my life so that I am not overwhelmed by the number of good activities. My barometer centers around the number of times my wife calls me grump. The more often I hear this is a strong indicator that I need to focus on accomplishing the best things (this involves her and the Girls).

 Opportunity cost can help us make choices. The easiest way to look at this is in terms of sacrifice. What is the benefit to us or the price we paid as we compare the various opportunities? My point in this column is to get you to plan improvement. There is a great loss in an under developed individual. You are of great worth! May your adventures this week offer you plenty of prospects to evaluate opportunity costs. I appreciate you following me each week. Please leave your comments or questions at the Pioneer Review or at ■

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