Thursday, July 29, 2021


Life, as I see it : Springtime Bliss

The sun is shining and the temperatures are rising here in now-sunny California. I’ll say AMEN to that. With all of the winter rains, the hills are lush and green and beautiful. It’s a sign of God’s love for sure.

We had a great day yesterday visiting Tom’s ‘adopted’ son Shaun and his new bride Kristy at their ranch. The ranch is a work in progress, but they are young and can do it.

It’s good to have big plans when you’re young and can actually follow through.

I wish them nothing but good things in the years to come.

We are still clearing out and cleaning up at the campground. The place will go on the market in a week or so.  

Also, on our sunny and warm Saturday afternoon yesterday, we visited the annual art and crafts show in Lucerne. There we found a great hand-painted gourd bowl that was meant to sit on our dining table in the ND house.  I love seeing what some people can do with things others may take for granted or discard.

If you look close enough there is beauty all around you.

But then again; there comes a time to let go.

We are going through so much stuff these days we have had to decide what we truly want to keep, what can be used by another and what has finally lived out is usefulness. It’s a hard job for people like Tom and me. We somehow have a hard time letting go. Gotta do it! 

So, here’s our happy ending story for the week. With all of the cleaning and hauling, Tom lost his wedding ring while (he thought) weed-eating the lot in front of our house.  Keeping in mind; we don’t own the lot, but the out-of-town property owners rarely get it cut down. 

When he was done with the chore, he realized his ring was gone.

That was a week ago. This morning while he was loading things in the Jeep in the garage he stepped on something. Yep, that is where he lost his ring.

All is well.

I’m happy that he found it. I know the feeling.

When we were first dating Tom bought for me an emerald and diamond ring. It was a beautiful piece.

Somehow I managed to lose it, but I thought it was in my little farm house.

I had picked it up with other throw away stuff and tossed it in the garbage. Considering this was a big gift from a new guy; I was in a panic. I don’t know why I thought to go through the garbage, piece by piece. I think I was just desperate.

So I sat on the kitchen floor and emptied the can. There at the very bottom of the garbage was the ring.

I pray about everything; big and small.  I believe that God’s got it and whatever happens is as it should be.

Some days it is hard to practice what I preach, but I sure give it a shot. The more we focus on the knowledge that God has His eye on us, the better off we’ll be.

Life is good today.

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a former Colusa County resident. Contact Kathy at or PO Box 406, Nice, Ca 95454. 

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