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What’s your plan? (04/24/2019)

I like this time of the year. The sun is rising earlier, it’s getting warmer, and my artichoke plants are enormous. Everything just gets greener. I am a farmer’s son. If life was perfect, I would be beyond up to my eyeballs in spring fever and inchin’ to scratch some dirt (my soil science instructor would be chastising me again for uttering that word, it should be soil). I am making a white collar go of it at this season of my life. 

Friends have been over at Fort Bragg and that gets me pondering return trips home in the summer months. We unfortunately leave the 60s temperature and head for the valley. I pass time monitoring modern Tech as the dashboard thermometer climbs. Climb and climb some more. 

One of these days I just might get smart enough to stay over at the coast and enjoy more cooler weather and leave to triple digits behind. I’m crabby because of the forecasted 90 plus. Life just isn’t perfect.

But being your kids’ roadie might be the closest thing to it. Saturday they performed with their peers at the Colusa Assembly of God Easter Egg Hunt. The Pierce District Band played a variety of pieces and sound quite good over the speaker system. We didn’t have to strain to hear. I am always impressed when the junior high students and high schoolers combine. Add all the excited egg gatherers into the mix, provide lunch, and enjoy a textbook spring day and it was darn near perfect. I have another opportunity as the Spring Program is scheduled for Thursday, May 23, at 7 PM in the Pierce High School auditorium. I invite you to join us.

Time is a valuable resource. We can use it wisely or throw it away. We trade our time for money. It’s called a job. I have had the experience when my employment was a pleasure and never felt as if it was work. I am one of the lucky ones. The money we earn can be spent on many things, but once it is spent it isn’t ours any more. Too many live paycheck to paycheck. There will be a time when the body will no longer be able to help provide a living. May that be later than sooner. You need to invest in you. We should all be planning to pay ourselves a portion of the money that we earn. An emergency fund is the first priority. How much cash should you have on hand to help take care of the unexpected? Begin with a month’s expenses and build up to six months or more. It isn’t out of the norm to hear of people taking as long as two to three years to find employment in their field after being laid off. If you don’t have one, start one this week. Use the money you would spend on that cup of coffee. It is best to start now and add to it daily. It will surprise you how fast you can grow it if it is your focus.

I have another challenge. Add some green. Grow a salsa garden. Plant some tomatoes and some peppers in large pots in sunny spots around your home. You will need to water daily, but the harvest is worth it. ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email

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