Thursday, July 29, 2021


Life, as I see it : Sick of it…

Californians are sick of the rain and North Dakotans are sick of the snow. All will be well soon. Eventually warm spring days will come to stay for a while.

It’s the end of a chapter for us here. The 5th wheel is finally gone. Yesterday, Tom followed along behind it as friend Shaun pulled it down the road to his ranch.

We are thankful it went to a good place with people we know and love. They’ll take good care of it. Shaun’s wife, Kristi, has already claimed it as her “she shed.” I’ve taught her well. Every woman should have some space for a she shed.  

For many years, we heard nothing about space for us. It was all about the “man cave.” I appreciate my space.

All that is left to do now at our campsite is the final sweep out and clean out. Everything that made it our vacation spot is gone.

It’s a prime spot if anyone is looking to lease a space on Blue Lake.

We’ve got the Jeep loaded for our trip. It may seem early to be doing that, but it’s a process. The first load is to measure space and determine what we can take as well as decide what we need to leave behind this trip.

When we make our final move, there will be a moving company involved. Life will be easier then.

Our trip to Mendocino last week was wonderful. I always sleep so well by the ocean. It was, as planned, a time of rest and relaxation. It was a time to let all the other things on our “have to do” lists go for a time.

While exploring the shops in Fort Bragg, we met some shop keepers with ties to North Dakota. One was a young guy who comes from Bowman, ND. He still goes there annually on dinosaur digs. It’s a great area, not too far from Beach, where we have our house.

Anyone that I talk to that knows anything at all about North Dakota, knows why I want to spend the end chapter of my life there. It’s like going to the ocean or to the mountains. It’s about the feel of it all.

When I got up this morning here in sunny California, it started to downpour rain again. 

My sister and I have learned to save and freeze little bits of leftover vegetables.

So, on days like today we have the makings of a fine vegetable soup. I also had leftover tri-tip roast so we have a great pot of vegetable beef soup simmering on the stove on this chilly-not-quite-spring day. Truth be known, we had some for breakfast.

When I was going to school in downtown Sacramento in the 1960’s, my friends and I used to stop on our way to class for homemade soup for breakfast. 

At the California Hotel there was this Greek chef. He made the absolute best ever homemade soups and pastries. 

Some things are just good memories that stay with you. I wonder if that old Greek chef knew how many people appreciated him and haven’t forgotten him?

Life is good today… â– 

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a former Colusa County resident. Contact Kathy at or PO Box 838, Beach, ND 58621.

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