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What’s your plan? (05/22/2019)

It has been a good week with respect to positive mental attitude (PMA). I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with all three daughters, as well as their band colleagues, while chaperoning excursions. Saturday was spent at California Great America, in the rain, with the Johnson JH Band; it will most likely remain Marriott’s Great America in my mind. One of the bright spots with the rain was that there weren’t that many people in the park. Another was that we received complimentary tickets for a return visit when they closed the park on us three hours early. Two days for the price of one! The best ray of sunshine was the 1st place win the kids brought home in their division. Way to go JJH Musicians!

Two days earlier, I spent the day with a group from the high school music department. I had the unique experience of watching them together with their peers at Rocklin High School. The Pierce students had a meet, greet, and perform with the Rocklin students. They also spent time with the choral group. I was rather impressed, and I don’t think the youth minded it too much either. The day culminated in attending the Broadway Sacramento presentation of Disney’s Aladdin. My critique on the performance, Wow! 

I referenced Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) last week on reality. Your reality is a self-fulfilling prophecy. GIGO equates to garbage in, garbage out. Those that believe will more likely achieve. Your brain is an incredible gift and when you program it correctly it will lift you to realizing your goals and aspirations. Did you trash talk or motivate with your self-talk for last week’s challenge? Are you the why or the why not type? Your reality will shift when you address possibilities.

Here is something you might contemplate reading. Napoleon Hill is the author of Think and Grow Rich. It was published back in 1937 as a self-improvement book. It is based on his 1925 work, The Law of Success. The short, Hill shares what he learned from interviewing American millionaires and suggests a thirteen-step philosophy to do and be that which one can imagine. This book has influences much of the present-day focus on mindset or reality. It’s a foundation piece. The author suggested that even if the premise was getting rich, the content would propel individuals to whatever heights they dreamed. It has made a lot of people’s must-read book lists; Pastor and leadership author John Maxwell includes it in his personal growth list. Hill was certainly a proponent of PMA and using your mind to transform your reality. Pick up any book this week and for that matter, finish reading one. I have heard it said that most of us never read another book after we exit school. That is a sad reality. ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email

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