Watchman on the Wall: Three small pork chops


Loraine Joy | Community Columnist

One of my heroes is George Mueller, born 1805 in Prussia. He was invited to a Bible study and life completely changed. They sang a hymn, read the Bible and knelt to prayer. “This kneeling down made a deep impression on me for I had never either seen anyone on his knees, nor had I ever myself prayed on my knees.” He left a life of ease, moved to Bristol, England and with 50 cents in his pocket devoted the next 60 years of his life to caring for orphans. He and his wife never made their needs known to any man; they simply stood on faith and prayed. The results: the orphanage of Ashley Downs, where the Muellers cared for more than 10,000 orphans. 

With such stories of faith and miracles, daily Bible reading and personal experience, my own faith began to grow. One summer day I was busy making dinner with three small pork chops to feed two adults and three children (ages 8, 4 and 2). Okay, not a problem. I’ll make a stew by cutting up the pork chops and adding potatoes, celery and onions. I cooked; the children set the table; baby Aaron toddled around trying to help. 

Just as dinner was ready to put on the table, I heard my husband come through the front door with the sound of other voices. My husband had brought three friends home from work. “Hi Hon, I invited some guys home for dinner. I knew you wouldn’t mind.” Panic set in while I tried to cover my shock and dismay. I neither wanted him to be embarrassed nor them to feel badly, but there wasn’t possibly enough to feed so many. Then I remembered Jesus praying over five fish and two barley loaves and feeding 5,000. I gathered the children in the kitchen. I explained that we had guests and needed a miracle. I told them the Bible story of Jesus Who is the same yesterday, today and forever. We joined hands and prayed for a miracle.

The children scurried to set extra plates, silverware, napkins and glasses. I greeted my guests and never said a word to my husband about the lack. We sat down to eat, joked, laughed, had a good time. A couple hours later the guests left; children got ready for bed, and I went to clean up the kitchen. As I was putting leftovers in the fridge, I jolted to a halt. Leftovers? I looked into the pot. After feeding five adults and three children, my pot was as full as when I had first put it on the table. I began to cry softly, tears of gratitude streaming down my face for the goodness of YHWH who cares so deeply for our everyday needs. Jesus, the Miracle Worker Who is no respecter of persons, multiplies three small pork chops and honors the faith of children. .■

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