Sunday, July 25, 2021


Life, as I see it : Finally here…

It only took us eight days to make the three-day trip to North Dakota, but it was a trip well worth it.

Along the way we took two leisure days on the coast; stopped and visited family in Oregon and Washington and attended  a graduation, two birthdays, and a funeral. In Montana, we visited our dear friends Lyn and Ken. We laughed, enjoyed some wine on their beautiful deck, and ate great hamburgers.

I miss my pal Lyn, so it is always such a treat to be with her again.

Now we are home once again in North Dakota.

I’ve already visited with my babies; big and small. I just can’t explain what joy that brings.

I love being in Beach.

We were dog tired when we got to bed last night. Being the people we are ( a bit anal), we unpacked and put away most of what we brought last night. The Jeep was filled near to the top, so it was not an easy task. We’ll be here now until January this trip, so there was a lot to bring, including clothes for three seasons. Hurray for vacuum seal bags. They worked like a charm. There’s still plenty to do today though.

So, here we are, safe and sound; happy and content.

Life is good today. â– 

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a former Colusa County resident. Contact Kathy at or PO Box 838, Beach, ND 58621.

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