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What’s your plan? (06/19/2019)

I spent my college years in San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly was perfect for this hick kid because I felt right at home. I had to fulfill a health requirement for my General Education classes. There were 450 of us in the lecture hall; four and a half times my graduating class. It worked for me. Most of my other classes were smaller; 20 to 50 us in lectures and roughly a dozen in labs. What probably contributed to ease were the Ag teachers. One of them was an institution in himself. My thoughts were that he had been with the School of Ag for a long time. Sort of a grandfather figure, he quickly put you at ease in any situation. I once heard him shout salutations and answer the inquisition, “How are you?” with “disgustingly great!” I now hold a deeper appreciation for the exclamation.

It has been exciting in the Arens household these last few weeks. The oldest daughter at home just graduated and she has made it easy on me with her decision to stay at home and continue her education at Woodland Community College. I get her company for at least another two years before she leaves the nest. Middle child is counting down the days to her week at Sac State for her first college experience. The young one is not excited with me. She had four days of summer vacation and then I sent her back to school. None of my Girls have attended summer school and she is not happy pioneering new experiences. I’m not really sure why Pierce has her and a portion of her classmates in the ‘Elevate Math’ program. I’ll figure it out and maybe let you know.

It has been too long since all four of my daughters have been in the same room together. My Father’s Day was seeing that change and creating yet another tender mercy. I am still immersed in a flood of emotions and haven’t been quite able to express the experience in words. I have never been one to follow the norm. This specifically, if you had asked in my younger half of life you would have heard that marriage and children were not in my plans. Things change. That makes life extraordinary. My Girls have increased by one; I am now a grandfather. I am having difficulty grasping this context. What I do know is that this is a good thing. I’ll enjoy it for now and over think it later. Life is good and I am disgusting great! 

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email

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