Monday, July 26, 2021


Life, as I see it :  Old friends and poetry

I ran into an old friend this week. Bill Lowman is a cowboy poet that I’ve known and admired for years.

He’s a story teller that entertains. He’s  a cowboy poet with the charm of the old west built right in.

Bill has a new book out now. It’s titled “And the Freight Trains Roll” and we were lucky enough to get a signed copy.

Tom has admired Bill for his handlebar mustache which is close to perfect in Tom’s opinion. He was pleased to finally meet Bill and see it up close.

We attended the retirement reception for friends John and Wynonna. These two people have been a blessing to the Beach ND community for many years. Californians like me, they found that life in North Dakota is a good life.

John was the town’s funeral director. Of course he’s been there for most of us at our toughest of times. He was certainly there for the Craigo Clan first as our friend and then professionally when we lost my late husband David.

It was John who brought David on his final ride home.

He shared with me that he “chatted” with David all the way here. It has to be tough to bury a friend. But then again, John had that last ride to share his thoughts with David before he sent him on his way with dignity and grace.

We are surrounded here by good people. We are blessed to be among them.

Tonight the social worker staff from Home on the Range (a childcare facility for troubled youth near here) will visit our house  for a pool party and a barbecue in our back yard. We are excited that we can give back in a small way to these folks who do so much.

My friend Sue tells me it is a well deserved day for the social workers. “They are the heroes, like everyone who helps troubled youth, they are super heroes,” she said.

I believe she’s right.

It takes a special person to do their job. The attraction with the HOTR staff is that it’s not just a job. It’s who they are and a part of their hearts .

I’m proud to say that my friends and family are among the HOTR staff.’

I’ve used the pool twice now for afternoon solitude and peaceful floating time.

I have to say it’s wonderful. The whole set up here with patio and pool have certainly been a blessing.

It reminds me of time at the California farm house. I’m content.

Life is good today.■

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a former Colusa County resident. Contact Kathy at or PO Box 838, Beach, ND 58621.

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