Thursday, July 29, 2021


Gardening corner: The leaves are falling; The leaves are falling!

Gerry Hernandez | Colusa County Master Gardeners

Have you noticed the leaves falling from your trees? Why are they doing that? Is this an indication of an early fall?

No, it is not an indication of an early or late fall. There could be a couple of different reasons why the leaves are falling off the tree. 

First, when the temperature at the top of the tree reaches 100 degrees, the tree cannot take up enough water to supply the upper leaves. It’s a science thing, the leaves are losing water faster than the tree can pump water to the top. Watering more does not help the tree unless you are under watering to begin with.

Second, you may be under watering your tree. As I drive around the county I notice a lot of brown lawns and in those brown lawns are trees. When was the last time you watered your trees? An easy method of watering your trees is to circle the tree a few times with a soaker hose and run the water for 2-3 hours. Slow soaking of the soil will get the water down 2-3 feet deep.

Third, you may have other problems such as insects or disease. Stressed trees tend to have more insect and disease problems. 

Trees are a long term investment. Protect it and you will profit. One hundred mature trees remove 12 tons of carbon dioxide per year and 595 pounds of pollutants per year. Each large front yard tree adds 1% to the sale price of your home. Tree filled landscapes reduce stress.

Trees make the places we live feel like home!

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