What’s your plan? (09/11/2019)


I was once terrified of new experiences and people in my younger years. The added years to my life have brought along some comfort to this situation. I have grown to cherish time with my family and friends; watching the Girls handle their daily doings, meeting up with acquaintances, and visiting with family members. I had the privilege of a mini reunion of sorts with those on my Mom’s side. The prefect definition of bittersweet. We even talked politics. With our problem of a two-party system, most debate issues whittle down to for or against. Therefore, we hear the word bi partisans often on capitol hill. We need to get away from the top down, federal government and return to control to the local level.

Governments will never be able to generate an income because they provide no goods or services. Since we have politicians and government programs that require funds to exist, there must be taxes collected. These can be in the forms of luxury (vehicle registration) or sin (cigarette) taxes, but most grievous are in the form of personal income taxes. In this century, we’ve seen a rather abused form of income tax in the guise of student loans. It is disgusting how much money the federal government generates from duping its citizens into paying over inflated tuitions at both public and private institutions all in the name of FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). There is nothing free about it.

Taxes have little value in my opinion and personal income tax in the United States is still less than a hundred years old. We were sold that bill of goods under the fallacy that it would be eliminated in a few years. There are really only two other methods that a government has to generate money. Along with taxes, neither one excites me and has always led to the extinction of the society implementing them. Confiscation of person property and the printing of script are these two gems of eventual annihilation. Our politicians are discussing these.

We have turned away from our roots and headed in a direction that should scare all of us. Government should not exist for the purpose of doing those things that I can do myself. In the beginning, this was a nation of entrepreneurs. Society was the family and farm. Decisions were made that decided survival. The Golden Rule was a way of life and all the law boiled down to two tenets. Neighbors were a lifeline and the church at its core. I keep a pretty simple view of things and find comfort that I preach to the choir. 

I love my family. Being able to say and write this is a rather new development for me and so I know that I can still grow. This gives me hope. It was a tender mercy being with the family. We got together and it wasn’t even for a funeral or wedding, but nevertheless emotional. The grand patriarch and matriarch’s cabin sold. They haven’t been with us for a while but its been what we’ve all held on to. I’ve heard that nothing is certain except for death and taxes. I’d contend family Mr. Franklin. ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com