What’s your plan? (010/09/2019)


I have so many things to be grateful for! As one door shut, another opened. We say goodbye to our season on Tacitus Street. I am thankful that the girls were able to call it home for a few years and create the memories. Long enough so that most of their lives have been in one place. The family was blessed with so many acts of kindness. The major one for me being those that assisted moving us. I couldn’t keep up with one neighbor; his time and effort I will ever be indebted to. He’s a moving beast!

The sun now rises on the Tess era. I wonder how long I will be living out of boxes. It is a blessing to live in a small community as you get to know everyone because of day-to-day doings and the interaction with the girl’s schoolmates and parents. At the least, I am acquainted with my new neighbors. Two of them go back to our days in grade school. The new neighborhood and house are more than I have a right to ask for. The new joke at the Arens den is my long walk from kitchen to the master bedroom. It goes on forever. Seriously, I am thinking about cutting down on exercise time because of the steps I’ve added going to and fro.

We got Boo’d. Oh, not in the sense of disapproval or contempt, but in the spirit of the season. We been Boo’d! Upon our doorstep was a flyer declaring that we had indeed been booed, gifts, and instructions to continue the tradition. Not excited to say that this went down, stealth, right under our noses. You can see our Boo’d plaque in the window. I am pleased that with all things being as hectic as they are, we were able to Boo it on! I can’t take much credit for this. I think I’m going to enjoy the new neighborhood.

It was General Conference for the Church this past weekend. I know that the Heavens are not closed, that revelation is free and abundant to those that desire it. We were privileged to hear 10 hours of instruction and counsel from the Lord’s Prophet, Apostles, and other Church leaders relevant to our day. I know that there is a God and that we are all his sons and daughters. This constitutes a large part of who I am. I know that I am not perfect. I am still working at helping my neighbor and striving to love them. I am better at it than I was; I am pretty sure I can be better yet tomorrow.

I have completed transporting boxes for the time being. So, the day’s plan of action is be a better neighbor and get things off on the right foot. I will certainly get a more favorable response; being cleaner, better smelling, and dressed a bit nicer. I will try my hand at delivering cookies to those living on either side, across the street, and catty corner from us. I’ll check windows to see if they’ve been Boo’d. ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com